svn commit: r187142 - head/bin/kenv

Luigi Rizzo luigi at
Tue Jan 13 04:19:47 PST 2009

Author: luigi
Date: Tue Jan 13 12:19:43 2009
New Revision: 187142

  Document how kernel environment can be statically compiled in,
  and reference a few related manpages.
  MFC after:	3 days


Modified: head/bin/kenv/kenv.1
--- head/bin/kenv/kenv.1	Tue Jan 13 11:51:32 2009	(r187141)
+++ head/bin/kenv/kenv.1	Tue Jan 13 12:19:43 2009	(r187142)
@@ -67,8 +67,28 @@ If the
 .Fl q
 option is set, warnings normally printed as a result of being unable to
 perform the requested operation will be suppressed.
+Variables can be added to the kernel environment using the
+.Xr /boot/oader.conf
+file, or also statically compiled into the kernel using the statement
+.Dl Ic env Ar filename
+in the kernel config file.
+The file can contain lines of the form
+.Dl name = "value"  # this is a coment
+where whitespace around name and '=', and
+everything after a '#' character, are ignored.  Almost any printable
+character except '=' is acceptable as part of a name.  Quotes
+are optional and necessary only if the value contains
 .Xr kenv 2 ,
+.Xr config 5 ,
+.Xr loader.conf 5 ,
 .Xr loader 8

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