svn commit: r186781 - in head: contrib/csup usr.bin/csup

Dmitry Morozovsky marck at
Mon Jan 5 15:24:58 PST 2009

On Mon, 5 Jan 2009, Ulf Lilleengen wrote:

UL> Author: lulf
UL> Date: Mon Jan  5 15:18:16 2009
UL> New Revision: 186781
UL> Log:
UL>   Merge support for CVSMode (aka. mirror mode) into csup. This means csup can now
UL>   fetch a complete CVS repository. Support for rsync update of regular files are
UL>   also included, but are not yet enabled. The change should not have an impact on
UL>   existing csup usage, as little of the existing code has changed.

Any plans to MFC this to stable/7 aka RELENG_7?

BTW, are these changed comparing november patch? With this, I occasionally have 
"protocol error"s which are fixed by invoking cvsup -s...


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