svn commit: r186730 - in head: lib/libusb20 sys/dev/usb2/controller sys/dev/usb2/core sys/dev/usb2/ethernet sys/dev/usb2/image sys/dev/usb2/include sys/dev/usb2/serial sys/dev/usb2/sound sys/dev/us...

Alfred Perlstein alfred at
Sun Jan 4 21:04:16 PST 2009

* M. Warner Losh <imp at> [090104 09:11] wrote:
> In message: <200901040012.n040C2gH040928 at>
>             Alfred Perlstein <alfred at> writes:
> :   Sync with usb4bsd:
> Alfred,
> thanks for trudging these fixes into the tree.  It is a thankless job
> that people will complain about...
> Speaking of complaining, is there a review process that can be joined
> for them that's more formal than "diff against hps' p4 tree and
> complain?"

We're trying to figure out a way to do this.  We haven't had much
luck exploring svk/hg/git as they're just about as much work as
shipping patches back and forth.

I asked core for a restricted "users/hps" area under svn for Hans
to put code, but that was denied, perhaps now it's time to reconsider

- Alfred Perlstein

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