svn commit: r186678 - head/usr.sbin/mergemaster

Doug Barton dougb at
Fri Jan 2 14:01:57 PST 2009

Sam Leffler wrote:
> Doug Barton wrote:
>> Sam Leffler wrote:
>>> Doug Barton wrote:
>>>> Sam Leffler wrote:
>>>>> Doug Barton wrote:
>>>>>>   1. Switch to using the top level (e.g., /usr/src) Makefile, and
>>>>>> specify
>>>>>>   that we should use the *.mk files from the source directory
>>>>>> instead of
>>>>>>   the installed versions. [1][2] This allows easier cross builds and
>>>>>>   simplifies (or in some cases permits) upgrading.
>>>>> I believe you changed the meaning of the -m flag so it now requires a
>>>>> pathname to the src tree and not src/etc.  This breaks existing
>>>>> usage. In the PR I filed there was a follow-on patch from Bjoern that
>>>>> amended
>>>>> my suggestion to instead add a -M option to set the source tree.  I
>>>>> thought that was an improvement over my hack.  In lieu of that you
>>>>> might
>>>>> want to examine the pathname supplied to -m to try to provide
>>>>> backwards
>>>>> compatibility by stripping any /etc suffix on the path.
>>>> The version in bin/96528 from ru had a better fix for this issue, but
>>>> thanks for thinking of it. :)
>>> That's nice to know.  Unfortunately what's in HEAD doesn't seem to work
>>> for my cross-install setup.  Did you test using the recipe in my PR?  I
>>> am debugging; could be a local problem.
>> I finally got this to work, but the problem wasn't with mergemaster.
>> Turns out that is not taking ${TARGET} into account in the
>> same way that src/Makefile.inc1 does. I'm sending the following patch
>> to -hackers for discussion:
>> Index:
>> ===================================================================
>> ---    (revision 186676)
>> +++    (working copy)
>> @@ -43,7 +43,7 @@
>>  .include <>
>>  .if defined(MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX)
>>  .else
>>  .endif
>> Meanwhile you can work around the problem with sendmail (which is the
>> only thing mergemaster installs that cares) by setting
>> WITHOUT_SENDMAIL in /etc/src.conf.
> Presumably this is because I was testing w/o your changes to run builds
> from /usr/src (instead of /usr/src/etc)? 

At the point where it's actually building and installing things to the
temproot there is a SUBDIR_OVERRIDE which restricts it to src/etc so
that shouldn't make any difference.

> Unfortunately the above change does not help me; I still fail in
> sendmail as before.  I don't see where OBJTREE is defined in any .mk
> file or by make (searching the man page).

It's defined in src/Makefile.inc1. Try running the most recent version
of mergemaster that's in the tree, plus the patch above to
src/share/mk/ and it should work. It worked for me using a
clean DESTDIR, -i and -Aarm. I didn't specify a different src
directory as you did in the PR since I was using my regular stock src
tree (plus the patch above).




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