svn: head/usr.sbin/mergemaster

Maxim Sobolev sobomax at
Fri Jan 2 07:44:05 UTC 2009

Doug Barton wrote:
> Maxim Sobolev wrote:
>> Doug Barton wrote:
>>> Author: dougb
>>> Date: Thu Jan  1 10:55:26 2009
>>> New Revision: 186677
>>> URL:
>>> Log:
>>>   Revert 184781, 184804, and 184832 (automatic installation of files
>>>   that differ only by VCS Id) for the following reasons:
>>>   1. It was added without my consent, review, or even a heads up
>> Huh? I sent you request for review on 24 October 2008
> If that's the case then I apologize, I've been extremely overloaded
> lately and it's possible that this fell through the cracks.
> My other objections remain however, including the one about the -U
> option being a better solution that requires no new code.

1. -U option requires system to have the copy of the database from the 
previous upgrade. It gives no help on the system that was installed from CD.

2. If the functionality has some issues leading to false positives I can 
investigate and improve/fix.

3. I don't see anything so technically bad about that feature (put aside 
implementation details). I would like to hear some of your principal 


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