svn commit: r365619 - in stable/12/sys: conf sys

Glen Barber gjb at
Thu Jan 14 18:25:14 UTC 2021

On Thu, Jan 14, 2021 at 10:04:23AM -0800, Xin Li wrote:
> I believe traditionally we also bump __FreeBSD_version when -STABLE
> become -PRERELEASE, which typically happens when we enter a code freeze,
> but more recent -STABLE branches seems to have moved to doing
> __FreeBSD_version bumps at the time of -BETA, but technically I think we
> do want to bump __FreeBSD_version as early as we promoted -STABLE to
> -PRERELEASE to match the hardcoded version number...

The __FreeBSD_version bump happens when the stable branch is created,
correct.  The problem with statically setting it earlier is if a change
happens that warrants bumping the __FreeBSD_version (similarly to why we
do not bump it for SAs/ENs).


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