svn commit: r344487 - in head/sys: conf gnu/gcov

Scott Long scottl at
Wed Feb 27 00:38:05 UTC 2019

> On Feb 25, 2019, at 7:18 PM, Rodney W. Grimes <freebsd at> wrote:
> I think for a few reasons, I doubt you copied the whole distribution
> that this file came from, as I am sure that distribution included
> a LICENSE file.  Second if you actually read the GPL v2 documentation
> and follow what it says it says you must do this, just because some
> one else does not follow the rules of what the GPL v2 says does not
> give us to knowingling not do it.  Third this is a particular dangerious
> area for BSD to be mixing a GPL code with its kernel, to my knowlege
> we have never had any gpl code in the kernel, no have we ever
> allowed it, but thats a seperate argument, that should be made.

LOL WAT?  You, Rod, were around and quite active when GPL code was
added to the kernel in 1994-1995, aka the GPL_MATH_EMULATE
code and the EXT2FS code.  I see plenty of commits from you in
nearby code during that era.  That code was in LINT until the mid 2000’s.
I also wrote and committed a sound driver in the early 2000’s that was
(unfortunately)  GPL-encumbered.  I’m pretty sure that there was one
other sound driver from that era that was also in /sys that was GPL

I volunteered to have my code purged because the
hardware it supported was irrelevant.  The FPU code was purged as
part of purging 80386 support (though partially also to help reduce
GPL code in the system), and the EXT2FS code was purged because
it was severely crufty and unused.  All of this code existed just fine in
FreeBSD, served a useful purpose for its time, was supported and
accepted by Core and the community, and was retired for reasons that
were more practical than ideological.

I have a hard time taking your musings seriously at this point,
your understanding of FreeBSD seems to be severely myopic.


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