svn commit: r344389 - head/usr.sbin/newsyslog

David Bright dab at
Wed Feb 20 22:05:45 UTC 2019

Author: dab
Date: Wed Feb 20 22:05:44 2019
New Revision: 344389

  Complete fix for CID 1007454, CID 1007453: Resource leak in newsyslog
  The result of a strdup() was stored in a global variable and not freed
  before program exit. This is a follow-up to r343906. That change
  attempted to plug these resource leaks but managed to miss a code path
  on which the leak still occurs. Plug the leak on that path, too.
  MFC after:	3 days
  Sponsored by:	Dell EMC Isilon


Modified: head/usr.sbin/newsyslog/newsyslog.c
--- head/usr.sbin/newsyslog/newsyslog.c	Wed Feb 20 21:24:56 2019	(r344388)
+++ head/usr.sbin/newsyslog/newsyslog.c	Wed Feb 20 22:05:44 2019	(r344389)
@@ -793,6 +793,9 @@ usage(void)
 	    "usage: newsyslog [-CFNPnrsv] [-a directory] [-d directory] [-f config_file]\n"
 	    "                 [-S pidfile] [-t timefmt] [[-R tagname] file ...]\n");
+	/* Free global dynamically-allocated storage. */
+	free(timefnamefmt);
+	free(requestor);

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