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Rodney W. Grimes freebsd at
Wed Feb 20 16:09:05 UTC 2019

> On Tue, Feb 19, 2019 at 06:43:28PM -0500, Shawn Webb wrote:
> > At the risk of painting a bikeshed a lovely color of neon purple, I'm
> > curious about if/how these types of commits get merged upstream to
> > (OpenZFS|Illumos|ZFS On Linux|where ever ZFS upstream is now|I'm very
> > confused|is anyone else confused where upstream is?).
> > 
> > Who is upstream? Is work like this going to remain as a downstream
> > patch to ZFS? Or is FreeBSD going to work to upstream this type of
> > work?
> I've always felt that we should've become upstream to everyone else
> the moment we knew Oracle would eat Sun (20 April 2009), and never
> understood why it didn't happen and now, ten years later, we're talking
> about ZFS on fucking Linux becoming our upstream.  Something'd got very
> wrong here and I'd like to know what and why.

I think to answer why ZoL wins out over ZoF in the upstream
selection is that ZoL has many more people working on it
than does ZoF so they innovate much faster than us, that
makes them a good choose in the since that developement
moves faster.  I do, like many, have reservations about
other aspects perhaps not making this an ideal, but if
ZoL develope a good developement model, they well kick ass
over anything the FreeBSD project could ever do with ZFS.
Like it or not, they have a larger critical mass than us,
and that wins in the end game.

Also since we did choose to be downstream from illumous
that put is in the follow mode in many aspects, so we
did not grow a bunch of ZFS developers, where as the
ZoL project kinda grabbed the code and went full tilt
with it, not totally ignoring upstream, but also not
letting upstream stifle there efforts.

> > I hope my curiousity doesn't offend anyone. ;)
> Not at all, I'm also confused and curious.
Now running a ZoL instance just so I can get use to its
look and feel and see how if at all it plays along with

> ./danfe
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