svn commit: r344099 - head/sys/net

John Baldwin jhb at
Wed Feb 13 17:10:01 UTC 2019

On 2/13/19 6:57 AM, Randall Stewart wrote:
> Author: rrs
> Date: Wed Feb 13 14:57:59 2019
> New Revision: 344099
> URL:
> Log:
>   This commit adds the missing release mechanism for the
>   ratelimiting code. The two modules (lagg and vlan) did have
>   allocation routines, and even though they are indirect (and
>   vector down to the underlying interfaces) they both need to
>   have a free routine (that also vectors down to the actual interface).
>   Sponsored by:	Netflix Inc.
>   Differential Revision:

Hmm, I don't understand why you'd ever invoke if_snd_tag_free from anything
but 'tag->ifp' rather than some other ifp.  What if the route for a connection
moves so that a tag allocated on cc0 is now on a route that goes over em0?
You can't expect em0 to have an if_snd_tag_free routine that will know to
go invoke cxgbe's snd_tag_free.  I think you should always be using
'tag->ifp->if_snd_tag_free' to free tags and never using any other ifp.

That is, I think this should be reverted and that instead you need to fix
the code invoking if_snd_tag_free to invoke it on the tag's ifp instead of
some random other ifp.

John Baldwin


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