svn commit: r344027 - in stable/12/sys: dev/vmware/vmxnet3 modules/vmware/vmxnet3 net

Rodney W. Grimes freebsd at
Tue Feb 12 01:24:27 UTC 2019

> On 2/11/19 4:26 PM, Rodney W. Grimes wrote:
> >> Author: pkelsey
> >> Date: Mon Feb 11 23:24:39 2019
> >> New Revision: 344027
> >> URL:
> >>
> >> Log:
> >>   MFC r343291:
> >>   Convert vmx(4) to being an iflib driver.
> > 
> > I strongly object to this MFC, given the current number
> > of 12.0 RELEASE related iflib problems we have it is
> > foolish of us to iflib any more drivers in 12.0
> This isn't the release branch though and presumably we have some time before
> 12.1 ships.  If there are reports of vmx(4) breakage on stable before 12.1
> we could always revert this commit then?

At this point the status if iflib in stable/12 is not certain, but
what is certain is this merge to 12 is probably going to break
someones system and at best is an unknown if working.

People DO run stable/12, breaking it is a no no.

Has the committer even booted this code in a stable/12 system
and run a serious amount of testing on it?

> I've heard of some EN's for 12.0 for iflib fixes.  Are those fixes in stable/12
> yet or are we still waiting for them to land in HEAD and/or be merged?

I sent a ping out earlier today trying to find that out.   I belive that
some of them are merged to stable/12, some are waiting to be merged, I
do believe most if not all are commited to head.

But that is orthagonal to breaking another driver in stable/12.  No one
should have the attitude that "oh, we have until 12.1 release to fix
it."   The branch is called stable, you should never break it!

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