svn commit: r343751 - head/lib/libc/tests/sys

Enji Cooper yaneurabeya at
Mon Feb 4 20:13:54 UTC 2019

> On Feb 4, 2019, at 12:09 PM, Rodney W. Grimes <freebsd at> wrote:
>> Author: ngie
>> Date: Mon Feb  4 19:12:45 2019
>> New Revision: 343751
>> URL:
>> Log:
>>  Avoid the DNS lookup for "localhost"
>> does not have access to a DNS resolver/network (unlike my test
>>  VM), so in order for the test to pass on the host, it needs to avoid the DNS
>>  lookup by using the numeric host address representation.
> If it can not get to a resolver, it should be falling back to
> /etc/hosts whch does have the correct entries for localhost.

Please continue this thread of discussion on Phabricator.

This was already discussed sort of there. As I said before (when it was commented on by @emaste):

>> In D19026#407184, @emaste wrote:
>> I don't object to this patch but shouldn't we be able to prevent any DNS use via nsswitch.conf?
>> That would require everyone make a corresponding change to prevent any DNS use when running this test.

> It's better to focus on what needs to be tested, instead of what's nice to test by side-effect. There are other tests that exercise DNS lookups (which currently fail after a long timeout due to a lacking external connection).

> This is a quick hack to set this test on a working path. The right path is the suggestion @asomers provided in the previous review, to use if_tap.


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