svn commit: r317446 - in head: . share/man/man4 sys/conf sys/dev/cy

Bruce Evans brde at
Wed Apr 26 22:15:47 UTC 2017

On Wed, 26 Apr 2017, John Baldwin wrote:

> Log:
>  Remove the cy(4) driver for Cyclades serial adapters.
>  This driver has been disconnected from the build since the new tty
>  layer was introduced in 8.0 and was never updated for new tty.

Please back this out.  I asked you not to remove this.  It is updated in
my tree, and I discussed this and sent you some patches a couple of years

XX From bde at Sat Oct 18 19:49:40 2014 +1100
XX Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2014 19:49:36 +1100 (EST)
XX  From: Bruce Evans <brde at>
XX X-X-Sender: bde at
XX To: Bruce Evans <brde at>
XX cc: John Baldwin <jhb at>
XX Subject: patch #1 for old tty bugs (was: Re: Removing disconnected tty drivers)

Patches 2-999 are sort of queued behind this.  I started committing again,
but these are behind other things in my queue.

Patch sizes for tty drivers:

      754    2658   19842 cy.c.dif
     1072    3817   27687 sio.c.dif
       50     177    1158 sio_isa.c.dif
       22      68     562 sio_puc.c.dif
      714    4249   25211 tree1/tty.c.dif
       13      71     548 tree1/tty.h.dif
      297    1306    8272 tree1/tty_ttydisc.c.dif
       26      68     649 tree1/ttydevsw.h.dif
       33      91     822 tree1/ttydisc.h.dif
      100     577    3709 tree1/uart_tty.c.dif
 			 tree1/... [some small patches not shown]
     [~10% overlap between tree1 and tree2]
     1134    4457   28995 tree2/tty.c.dif
       49     302    2099 tree2/tty.h.dif
       90     318    2272 tree2/tty_ttydisc.c.dif

Not as large as I remembered.

Updating to use the new tty driver takes (per driver) about 50 lines
for locking, 200 lines for interface renaming, and many hundreds of
lines to work around bugs.  The bug fixes in tty* are mostly independent
(except for partial fixes for flow control) and not needed for the drivers
to work as well as other drivers.  uart is not updated as completely as
the other drivers, but just has a couple of fixes to allow it to pass
some POSIX tests.


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