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>>>   Add `-A' flag to pkg-install(8) invocation when installing dependencies.
>> Thank you!!
> To my recollection, nobody brought this to my attention before yesterday.

That's fine. I'm hoping we can communicate on mutual needs more going

I admit I have not used bsdinstall/bsdconfig much yet as my own systems
are either HEAD or upgraded from a src tree. I haven't yet had a need to
use the installer. So I am not familiar with all of the details. I'll
have to trust your judgement on it, but keep in mind I may not
understand what you're referring to or where you're coming from on it. I
don't want to speak for bapt but he may be in the same position.

Thinking outloud...

I would love to see the installer allow the user select which repository
they want to use. Consider this in a general sense as I still am
considering building a WITHOUT_X11 repository for server uses. If that
works out (some people think it will have too many problems) then it
would be cool if the installer allowed picking between desktop/server

A stable repository (like debian does) bound to a release would be great
too, but won't be happening soon. More support and planning needs to
happen first.

As for pkg pulling in the latest, we could probably put a question in
the bootstrap to ask the user which repository they would like to use.
That would cover other cases as well, and give a way for the installer
to skip the question if it already has an answer from the GUI.

As for the server selection (I haven't used it), if it's a sub-menu (and
not forced part of the installation) then it seems fine to me. If the
user is just selecting which server to use vs
my.internalhost. My concern was if it was forcing the user to select
which *mirror* to use, which we should let the geodns handle in most
cases. Again, if it's an optional sub-menu for that then it is probably
fine so long as it has a warning that it is less supported than using
the main hostname of

Having said all of that, I did just go look in bsdconfig and it seems
perfectly fine how it is now. Allowing to pick the default or select
your own is perfect. So I misunderstood what you were talking about with
selecting a server.

Bryan Drewery

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