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TAKAHASHI Yoshihiro nyan at
Thu Aug 21 03:18:42 UTC 2014

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Stefan Esser <se at> writes:

> Log:
>   Another rpund of fixes, after checking keymaps for plausibility and with
>   several updates to the converter tools. There is now support for hybrid
>   source keymaps, which e.g. use ISO8859-1 (not -15) but still provide an
>   Euro key (on the "E" key). ISO8859-1 currency symbols on other keys are
>   still converted to that character, not the Euro sign. A similar hack was
>   applied to the Japanese keyboards to add the Yen key, that could not be
>   expressed in SYSCONS.

PC98 keyboards don't have a backslash key, so we use the Yen key
instead.  Please back it out of pc98 part.

TAKAHASHI Yoshihiro <nyan at>

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