svn commit: r270189 - head/rescue/rescue

Xin LI delphij at
Wed Aug 20 00:14:42 UTC 2014

Author: delphij
Date: Wed Aug 20 00:14:41 2014
New Revision: 270189

  Add zdb into rescue environment.
  On amd64, this would increase the binary size by 1.1MiB and
  make it possible to examine zpool status offline, useful for
  recovery and diagnostic purposes.
  Submitted by:	sef
  Obtained from:	FreeNAS
  MFC after:	2 weeks


Modified: head/rescue/rescue/Makefile
--- head/rescue/rescue/Makefile	Wed Aug 20 00:06:54 2014	(r270188)
+++ head/rescue/rescue/Makefile	Wed Aug 20 00:14:41 2014	(r270189)
@@ -113,6 +113,7 @@ CRUNCH_PROGS_sbin+= ipf
 .if ${MK_ZFS} != "no"
 CRUNCH_PROGS_sbin+= zfs
 CRUNCH_PROGS_sbin+= zpool
+CRUNCH_PROGS_usr.sbin+= zdb
 # crunchgen does not like C++ programs; this should be fixed someday
@@ -120,7 +121,7 @@ CRUNCH_PROGS_sbin+= zpool
 CRUNCH_LIBS+= -lalias -lcam -lncursesw -ldevstat -lipsec
 .if ${MK_ZFS} != "no"
-CRUNCH_LIBS+= -lavl -lzfs_core -lzfs -lnvpair -lpthread -luutil -lumem
+CRUNCH_LIBS+= -lavl -lzpool -lzfs_core -lzfs -lnvpair -lpthread -luutil -lumem
 CRUNCH_LIBS+= -lgeom -lbsdxml -lkiconv
 .if ${MK_OPENSSL} == "no"
@@ -158,6 +159,7 @@ CRUNCH_SRCDIR_ipf= $(.CURDIR)/../../sbin
 .if ${MK_ZFS} != "no"
 CRUNCH_SRCDIR_zfs= ${.CURDIR}/../../cddl/sbin/zfs
 CRUNCH_SRCDIR_zpool= ${.CURDIR}/../../cddl/sbin/zpool
+CRUNCH_SRCDIR_zdb= ${.CURDIR}/../../cddl/usr.sbin/zdb
 CRUNCH_ALIAS_reboot= fastboot halt fasthalt
 CRUNCH_ALIAS_restore= rrestore
@@ -208,7 +210,7 @@ CRUNCH_ALIAS_id= groups whoami
 CRUNCH_SRCDIRS+= usr.sbin
-CRUNCH_PROGS_usr.sbin= chroot
+CRUNCH_PROGS_usr.sbin+= chroot
 CRUNCH_PROGS_usr.sbin+= chown
 CRUNCH_ALIAS_chown= chgrp

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