svn commit: r270170 - head/lib/csu/i386-elf

Bryan Drewery bdrewery at
Tue Aug 19 15:30:57 UTC 2014

Author: bdrewery
Date: Tue Aug 19 15:30:56 2014
New Revision: 270170

  Use here as all other csu Makefiles do.
  This effectively reverts r124752.
  There's no reason this should be different. It resulted in needing NO_PIE in
  the original opt-out NO_PIE commit as this was not using the proper framework.
  Reported by:	peter


Modified: head/lib/csu/i386-elf/Makefile
--- head/lib/csu/i386-elf/Makefile	Tue Aug 19 15:09:24 2014	(r270169)
+++ head/lib/csu/i386-elf/Makefile	Tue Aug 19 15:30:56 2014	(r270170)
@@ -3,14 +3,14 @@
 .PATH: ${.CURDIR}/../common
 SRCS=		crti.S crtn.S
-FILES=		${SRCS:N*.h:R:S/$/.o/g} gcrt1.o crt1.o Scrt1.o
+OBJS=		${SRCS:N*.h:R:S/$/.o/g}
+OBJS+=		gcrt1.o crt1.o Scrt1.o
 CFLAGS+=	-I${.CURDIR}/../common \
-CLEANFILES=	${FILES} crt1_c.o crt1_s.o gcrt1_c.o Scrt1_c.o
+all: ${OBJS}
+CLEANFILES=	${OBJS} crt1_c.o crt1_s.o gcrt1_c.o Scrt1_c.o
 CLEANFILES+=	crt1_c.s gcrt1_c.s Scrt1_c.s
 # See the comment in lib/csu/common/crtbrand.c for the reason crt1_c.c is not
@@ -48,4 +48,8 @@ Scrt1.o: Scrt1_c.o crt1_s.o
 	${LD} ${_LDFLAGS} -o Scrt1.o -r crt1_s.o Scrt1_c.o
 	objcopy --localize-symbol _start1 Scrt1.o
-.include <>
+	${INSTALL} -o ${LIBOWN} -g ${LIBGRP} -m ${LIBMODE} \
+.include <>

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