svn commit: r270057 - stable/10/sys/netinet

Bjoern A. Zeeb bz at
Sat Aug 16 14:09:26 UTC 2014

Author: bz
Date: Sat Aug 16 14:09:26 2014
New Revision: 270057

  MFC r266907:
   While PAWS is disabled, there are no consumers for the tcp options
   argument to tcp_twcheck();  thus mark it __unused.

Directory Properties:
  stable/10/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/10/sys/netinet/tcp_timewait.c
--- stable/10/sys/netinet/tcp_timewait.c	Sat Aug 16 14:05:31 2014	(r270056)
+++ stable/10/sys/netinet/tcp_timewait.c	Sat Aug 16 14:09:26 2014	(r270057)
@@ -350,7 +350,7 @@ tcp_twrecycleable(struct tcptw *tw)
  * looking for a pcb in the listen state.  Returns 0 otherwise.
-tcp_twcheck(struct inpcb *inp, struct tcpopt *to, struct tcphdr *th,
+tcp_twcheck(struct inpcb *inp, struct tcpopt *to __unused, struct tcphdr *th,
     struct mbuf *m, int tlen)
 	struct tcptw *tw;

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