svn commit: r269675 - head/sys/x86/isa

Roger Pau Monné royger at
Thu Aug 7 17:00:50 UTC 2014

Author: royger
Date: Thu Aug  7 17:00:50 2014
New Revision: 269675

  atpic: make sure atpic_init is called after IO APIC initialization
  After r269510 the IO APIC and ATPIC initialization is done at the same
  order, which means atpic_init can be called before the IO APIC has
  been initalized. In that case the ATPIC will take over the interrupt
  sources, preventing the IO APIC from registering them.
  Reported by: David Wolfskill <david at>
  Tested by: David Wolfskill <david at>,
             Trond Endrestøl <Trond.Endrestol at>
  Sponsored by: Citrix Systems R&D


Modified: head/sys/x86/isa/atpic.c
--- head/sys/x86/isa/atpic.c	Thu Aug  7 16:53:07 2014	(r269674)
+++ head/sys/x86/isa/atpic.c	Thu Aug  7 17:00:50 2014	(r269675)
@@ -524,7 +524,7 @@ atpic_init(void *dummy __unused)
-SYSINIT(atpic_init, SI_SUB_INTR, SI_ORDER_SECOND + 1, atpic_init, NULL);
+SYSINIT(atpic_init, SI_SUB_INTR, SI_ORDER_FOURTH, atpic_init, NULL);
 atpic_handle_intr(u_int vector, struct trapframe *frame)

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