svn commit: r269610 - in vendor/resolver: 9.5.0 9.5.0/include 9.5.0/include/arpa 9.5.0/lib/libc/include 9.5.0/lib/libc/include/isc 9.5.0/lib/libc/inet 9.5.0/lib/libc/isc 9.5.0/lib/libc/nameser 9.5....

Pedro Giffuni pfg at
Tue Aug 5 23:25:29 UTC 2014

On 08/05/14 18:16, Pedro F. Giffuni wrote:
> Author: pfg
> Date: Tue Aug  5 23:16:31 2014
> New Revision: 269610
> URL:
> Log:
>    Bring final version of libbind:
>    From
>    The libbind functions have been separated from the BIND suite as of BIND
>    9.6.0. Originally from older versions of BIND, they have been continually
>    maintained and improved but not installed by default with BIND 9. This
>    standard resolver library contains the same historical functions and
>    headers included with many Unix operating systems. In fact, most
>    implementations are based on the same original code.
>    At present, NetBSD maintains libbind code, now known as "netresolv".
For the record:

I am not updating this in the base but having this particular version
to the vendor area is important as a reference and to note that in
the future we should update this package from NetBSD.


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