svn commit: r269488 - head/sys/dev/pccbb

Gavin Atkinson gavin at
Sun Aug 3 21:56:54 UTC 2014

Author: gavin
Date: Sun Aug  3 21:56:53 2014
New Revision: 269488

  For reasons which are not clear, r254263 broke some PCMCIA and CardBus
  bridges in strange ways, either rendering them unable to detect
  insertion and removal events, or possibly unable to read from the
  device behind the bridge.
  This fixes at least one laptop, a Toshiba Tecra M5 with a Texas
  Instruments PCxx12 (d=0x8039 v=0c104c) bridge.  The very similar
  Tecra M9 has the same bridge, but worked fine without this change.
  The bridge chip has no I/O port BAR, and there is nothing in the spec
  to suggest I/O decoding should be enabled; however enabling it fixes
  the issue.  Add an XXX comment to this effect.
  Discussed with:	jhb, imp
  MFC after:	2 weeks


Modified: head/sys/dev/pccbb/pccbb_pci.c
--- head/sys/dev/pccbb/pccbb_pci.c	Sun Aug  3 21:54:22 2014	(r269487)
+++ head/sys/dev/pccbb/pccbb_pci.c	Sun Aug  3 21:56:53 2014	(r269488)
@@ -481,6 +481,8 @@ cbb_chipinit(struct cbb_softc *sc)
 	/* Enable memory access */
+	/* XXX: This should not be necessary, but some chipsets require it */
 	/* disable Legacy IO */
 	switch (sc->chipset) {

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