svn commit: r269415 - in head/sys: conf sparc64/conf

Nathan Whitehorn nwhitehorn at
Sat Aug 2 03:48:17 UTC 2014

Author: nwhitehorn
Date: Sat Aug  2 03:48:16 2014
New Revision: 269415

  Add vt(4) support to sparc64. The only driver currently present (ofwfb)
  provides support for a variety of low-end graphics hardware (SBus adapters,
  Mach64, QEMU's framebuffer, XVR-100). A driver for at least the Creator3D
  cards will have to be present before this can become the default console
  To test vt(4) on sparc64, set kern.vty=vt at the loader prompt.


Modified: head/sys/conf/files.sparc64
--- head/sys/conf/files.sparc64	Sat Aug  2 03:44:27 2014	(r269414)
+++ head/sys/conf/files.sparc64	Sat Aug  2 03:48:16 2014	(r269415)
@@ -60,6 +60,7 @@ dev/syscons/scterm-teken.c	optional	sc
 dev/syscons/scvtb.c		optional	sc
 dev/uart/uart_cpu_sparc64.c	optional	uart
 dev/uart/uart_kbd_sun.c		optional	uart sc | vt
+dev/vt/hw/ofwfb/ofwfb.c		optional	vt
 kern/kern_clocksource.c		standard
 kern/subr_dummy_vdso_tc.c	standard
 kern/syscalls.c			optional	ktr

Modified: head/sys/sparc64/conf/GENERIC
--- head/sys/sparc64/conf/GENERIC	Sat Aug  2 03:44:27 2014	(r269414)
+++ head/sys/sparc64/conf/GENERIC	Sat Aug  2 03:48:16 2014	(r269415)
@@ -140,6 +140,9 @@ device		machfb		# ATI Mach64 framebuffer
 device		splash		# Splash screen and screen saver support
 options 	KBD_INSTALL_CDEV # install a CDEV entry in /dev
+# vt is the new video console driver
+device		vt
 # Builtin hardware
 device		auxio		# auxiliary I/O device
 device		eeprom		# eeprom (really a front-end for the MK48Txx)

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