svn commit: r269401 - stable/10

Rick Macklem rmacklem at
Fri Aug 1 21:28:59 UTC 2014

Author: rmacklem
Date: Fri Aug  1 21:28:58 2014
New Revision: 269401

  Add an UPDATING entry for the __FreeBSD_version bump related
  to r269398.


Modified: stable/10/UPDATING
--- stable/10/UPDATING	Fri Aug  1 21:24:19 2014	(r269400)
+++ stable/10/UPDATING	Fri Aug  1 21:28:58 2014	(r269401)
@@ -16,6 +16,11 @@ from older versions of FreeBSD, try WITH
 stable/10, and then rebuild without this option. The bootstrap process from
 older version of current is a bit fragile.
+	The NFSv4.1 server committed by r269398 changes the internal
+	function call interfaces used between the NFS and krpc modules.
+	As such, __FreeBSD_version was bumped.
 	It is no longer necessary to include the dwarf version in your DEBUG
 	options in your kernel config file. The bug that required it to be

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