svn commit: r219039 - head/usr.bin/nice

Remko Lodder remko at
Fri Feb 25 19:38:42 UTC 2011

Author: remko
Date: Fri Feb 25 19:38:42 2011
New Revision: 219039

  Revert the commit that I made, there is a lot of discussion
  and it's not accurate anyway
  Requested by:	jb, bde


Modified: head/usr.bin/nice/nice.1
--- head/usr.bin/nice/nice.1	Fri Feb 25 19:10:19 2011	(r219038)
+++ head/usr.bin/nice/nice.1	Fri Feb 25 19:38:42 2011	(r219039)
@@ -50,11 +50,6 @@ value by the specified
 .Ar increment ,
 or a default value of 10.
 The lower the nice value of a process, the higher its scheduling priority.
-.Ar increment .
-The priority can be adjusted over a range of -20 (the higest) to 20 (the
-A priority of 19 or 20 will prevent a process from taking any cycles from
-others at nice 0 or better.
 The superuser may specify a negative increment in order to run a utility
 with a higher scheduling priority.

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