svn commit: r218603 - head/sbin/tunefs

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Sun Feb 13 20:05:05 UTC 2011

On 13 February 2011 11:51, Bruce Evans <brde at> wrote:
> On Sat, 12 Feb 2011, Konstantin Belousov wrote:
>> Log:
>>  When creating a directory entry for the journal, always read at least
>>  the fragment, and write the full block. Reading less might not work
>>  due to device sector size bigger then size of direntries in the
>>  last directory fragment.
> I think it should always write full fragments too (and the kernel should
> always read/write in units of fragments, not sectors of any size).

Or at least One Single Variable, preferably recorded in the
superblock, so when the need arises there's only one thing to change
(so it might as well be fragment size in case of UFS).

There is currently nothing technically wrong with what this commit
does, but it's pretty much a certainty that future will be more
strange than today and future developers may forget there are two
places they need to change.

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