svn commit: r218526 - head

Warner Losh imp at
Thu Feb 10 19:58:21 UTC 2011

Author: imp
Date: Thu Feb 10 19:58:21 2011
New Revision: 218526

  You are now *REQUIRED* to pass both TARGET and TARGET_ARCH to any
  invocations of Makefile.inc1 (since that's supposed to be an internal
  interface for world and related targets).  Document this with a .error
  message.  For a transition period, support passing in just TARGET, but
  give a .warning for that case: I plan on removing it in 9.0...


Modified: head/Makefile.inc1
--- head/Makefile.inc1	Thu Feb 10 19:13:54 2011	(r218525)
+++ head/Makefile.inc1	Thu Feb 10 19:58:21 2011	(r218526)
@@ -28,6 +28,17 @@
 # /usr/share/mk.  These include:
 #		obj depend all install clean cleandepend cleanobj
+# You are supposed to define both of these when calling Makefile.inc1
+# directly.  However, some old scripts don't.  Cope for the moment, but
+# issue a new warning for a transition period.
+.if defined(TARGET) && !defined(TARGET_ARCH)
+.warning "You must pass both TARGET and TARGET_ARCH to Makefile.inc1.  Setting TARGET_ARCH=${TARGET}."
+.if !defined(TARGET) || !defined(TARGET_ARCH)
+.error "Both TARGET and TARGET_ARCH must be defined."
 .include <>
 .include <>

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