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Thu Feb 10 13:50:07 UTC 2011

On Mon, 31 Jan 2011, Warner Losh wrote:

> Author: imp
> Date: Mon Jan 31 15:17:47 2011
> New Revision: 218130
> URL:
> Log:
>  Move the architecture guessing from Makefile.inc1 to Makefile.  We
>  need to do this because variables specified on the command line
>  override those specified in the Makefile.  This is why we also moved
>  from TARGET to _TARGET in Makefile, and then set TARGET on the command
>  line when we fork a submake with Makefile.inc1.
>  This makes mips/mips work again, even without the workaround committed to
>  lib/libc/Makefile.
> Modified:
>  head/Makefile
>  head/Makefile.inc1


not sure if it's a result of this commit or one of the many others:

env MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=/path/to/obj make -f Makefile.inc1 hierarchy \
         __MAKE_CONF=/path/to/make.conf SRCCONF=/path/to/src.conf \
         DESTDIR=/path/to/destdir \

results in:

"/path/to/base9-201102092305/Makefile.inc1", line 127: Unknown target :i386.

This used to work before. TARGET_ARCH is unset, TARGET=i386 thus
they differ and thus the check there tries to find "/i386" rather than
just "i386".

Is it a rather unsupported thing or what's the proper way to fix it?
As a workaround I was also setting TARGET_ARCH=i386 for the moment.


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