svn commit: r216782 - head/sys/i386/conf

Warner Losh imp at
Wed Dec 29 04:07:11 UTC 2010

On 12/28/2010 20:34, Bruce Evans wrote:
> On Tue, 28 Dec 2010, Warner Losh wrote:
>> Log:
>>  Revert r216777, per jhb@
> I didn't see "per jhb@".  I think the bug DEFAULTS being included
> unconditionally (and maybe the name of DEFAULTS -- defaults hould be
> optional).

I'm working up a patch to address these concerns.  I'll include you on 
the reviewer list.

>> Modified: head/sys/i386/conf/NOTES
>> ============================================================================== 
>> --- head/sys/i386/conf/NOTES    Tue Dec 28 22:44:32 2010    (r216781)
>> +++ head/sys/i386/conf/NOTES    Tue Dec 28 22:45:29 2010    (r216782)
>> @@ -284,8 +284,7 @@ device        apm_saver    # Requires APM
>> #
>> # ISA bus
>> #
>> -# Already in DEFAULTS, which means we don't need it here.
>> -#device        isa        # Required by npx(4)
>> +device        isa        # Required by npx(4)
> This comment seems wrong.  isa used to be required for the isa resources
> related to irq13, but npx no longer supports irq13.  It now seems to use
> isa only for PNPBIOS, but that is ifdefed so it doesn't require isa
> (except for test coverage).

I think you may be right.  ISA is still required, but not for the reason 
listed here.

>> #
>> # Options for `isa':
>> @@ -373,8 +372,7 @@ options        X86BIOS
>> #
>> # The Numeric Processing eXtension driver.  This is non-optional.
>> -# Already in DEFAULTS, which means we don't need it here.
>> -#device        npx
>> +device        npx
>> hint.npx.0.flags="0x0"
>> hint.npx.0.irq="13"
> These hints are more clearly garbage:
> - the flags hint hasn't worked since FreeBSD-4 or earlier, where it
>    controlled use of npx for bcopy and bzero (but this use stopped being
>    useful with Pentium 1's many years before FreeBSD-4 was released).
>    The flags hint remained referenced until rev.1.182 (2010/06/23), but
>    only in ifdefed-out code.  Then the dead code was removed too.
> - the support for irq13 was removed in rev.1.183 (also on 2010/06/23).
> npx.c still has some references to removed code in comments (several 
> IRQ13's
> and one "BUSY# latch".  The BUSY# latch was only ISA address used IIRC.
> npx used to use nexus for configuring the flags and irq at least.  I 
> think
> it no longer does, but nexus.c still gives npx as an example of special
> handling in a comment.
> npx.4 still has hints for the unused(?) nexus, the unused port for the 
> latch, the unused flags for bcopying (including a very detailed 
> description
> of when these flags are applied, which rotted started with ifdefing 
> out the
> code that applied them), and the unused irq.  After removing these
> anachronisms including the BUGS section (which is entirely FUD about the
> unused irq13), npx.4 has about 5 useful lines.

I'm sure that nobody would object in the slightest if you did a pass 
over the code and manual page and fixed it up.  I doubt anybody else 
could double the useful line count, let alone make it correct :)


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