svn commit: r216769 - head/usr.bin/gcore

Bruce Evans brde at
Wed Dec 29 00:32:24 UTC 2010

On Tue, 28 Dec 2010, John Baldwin wrote:

> Log:
>  Start sentences on a new line to ease life for translators.  Tweak the
>  wording in a few places.

Simplifying life for translators is only a side effect.

> Modified: head/usr.bin/gcore/gcore.1
> ==============================================================================
> --- head/usr.bin/gcore/gcore.1	Tue Dec 28 18:56:55 2010	(r216768)
> +++ head/usr.bin/gcore/gcore.1	Tue Dec 28 18:58:15 2010	(r216769)
> @@ -59,12 +59,13 @@ The following options are available:
> Write the core file to the specified file instead of
> .Dq Pa core.<pid> .
> .It Fl f
> -Dumps all the available segments, excluding only the malformed ones and
> -un-dumpable ones. Unlike the default invocation, it also dumps
> -device- and sglist-mapped areas that may invalidate the state of
> -some transactions. This flag must be used very carefully, when the
> -behavior of the application is fully understood and the fallouts can
> -be easily controlled.

Hard coded sentence breaks gave formatting that might be, and in fact was
wrong for at least -Tascii format, since 1 space was hard coded but the
default is the normal 2 spaces.


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