svn commit: r216775 - head/sys/conf

Warner Losh imp at
Tue Dec 28 21:18:58 UTC 2010

Author: imp
Date: Tue Dec 28 21:18:58 2010
New Revision: 216775

  Due to the automatic inclusion of DEFAULTS everywhere, and since it
  has device mem in it almost everywhere, we get warnings about
  duplicated device almost everywhere.  Comment it out, with a note
  about why, so that we don't get those warnings.


Modified: head/sys/conf/NOTES
--- head/sys/conf/NOTES	Tue Dec 28 21:12:15 2010	(r216774)
+++ head/sys/conf/NOTES	Tue Dec 28 21:18:58 2010	(r216775)
@@ -1110,7 +1110,8 @@ options 	VFS_AIO
 device		random
 # The system memory devices; /dev/mem, /dev/kmem
-device		mem
+# In various system's DEFAULTS file, so we don't need it here.
+#device		mem
 # The kernel symbol table device; /dev/ksyms
 device		ksyms

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