svn commit: r216747 - head/tools/regression/bin/sh/expansion

Jilles Tjoelker jilles at
Mon Dec 27 23:56:03 UTC 2010

Author: jilles
Date: Mon Dec 27 23:56:03 2010
New Revision: 216747

  sh: Add a testcase for cmdsubst errors that already works properly.
  If a command substitution consists of one special builtin and there is a
  redirection error, this should not abort the outer shell.
  It was fixed in r201366 by ignoring special builtin properties for command
  substitutions consisting of one builtin.

  head/tools/regression/bin/sh/expansion/cmdsubst4.0   (contents, props changed)

Added: head/tools/regression/bin/sh/expansion/cmdsubst4.0
--- /dev/null	00:00:00 1970	(empty, because file is newly added)
+++ head/tools/regression/bin/sh/expansion/cmdsubst4.0	Mon Dec 27 23:56:03 2010	(r216747)
@@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
+# $FreeBSD$
+exec 2>/dev/null
+! y=$(: </var/empty/nonexistent)

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