svn commit: r216630 - head/bin/sh

Jilles Tjoelker jilles at
Tue Dec 21 22:48:56 UTC 2010

Author: jilles
Date: Tue Dec 21 22:48:56 2010
New Revision: 216630

  sh(1): Explain why it is a bad idea to use aliases in scripts.


Modified: head/bin/sh/sh.1
--- head/bin/sh/sh.1	Tue Dec 21 22:47:34 2010	(r216629)
+++ head/bin/sh/sh.1	Tue Dec 21 22:48:56 2010	(r216630)
@@ -456,9 +456,10 @@ would become
 Aliases provide a convenient way for naive users to
 create shorthands for commands without having to learn how
 to create functions with arguments.
-They can also be
-used to create lexically obscure code.
-This use is discouraged.
+Using aliases in scripts is discouraged
+because the command that defines them must be executed
+before the code that uses them is parsed.
+This is fragile and not portable.
 An alias name may be escaped in a command line, so that it is not
 replaced by its alias value, by using quoting characters within or

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