svn commit: r216269 - head/sys/geom/part

Andriy Gapon avg at
Thu Dec 9 22:37:14 UTC 2010

on 10/12/2010 00:14 Bruce Cran said the following:
> Since it appears that disks are still using the CHS fields despite
> having been obsolete since ATA-7 I guess it makes sense to continue
> printing them.

I apologize for repeating myself, that probably starts to be annoying...
We read some reserved/unused/obsolete bytes and get some garbage in them.
The fact that the garbage looks like "valid" (for some definition of "valid")
CHS parameters doesn't mean that those are really valid, or CHS parameters, or
we should use them, or we should even report them, even for debug.
That's my personal position and I am sticking to it :-)

Andriy Gapon

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