svn commit: r216158 - head/sys/kern

Konstantin Belousov kib at
Fri Dec 3 20:39:07 UTC 2010

Author: kib
Date: Fri Dec  3 20:39:06 2010
New Revision: 216158

  Trim whitespaces at the end of lines. Use the commit to record
  proper log message for r216150.
  MFC after:	1 week
  If unix socket has a unix socket attached as the rights that has a
  unix socket attached as the rights that has a unix socket attached as
  the rights ... Kernel may overflow the stack on attempt to close such
  Only close the rights file in the context of the current close if the
  file is not unix domain socket. Otherwise, postpone the work to
  taskqueue, preventing unlimited recursion.
  The pass of the unix domain sockets over the SCM_RIGHTS message
  control is not widely used, and more, the close of the socket with
  still attached rights is mostly an application failure. The change
  should not affect the performance of typical users of SCM_RIGHTS.
  Reviewed by:	jeff, rwatson


Modified: head/sys/kern/uipc_usrreq.c
--- head/sys/kern/uipc_usrreq.c	Fri Dec  3 19:22:18 2010	(r216157)
+++ head/sys/kern/uipc_usrreq.c	Fri Dec  3 20:39:06 2010	(r216158)
@@ -177,10 +177,10 @@ SYSCTL_ULONG(_net_local_seqpacket, OID_A
 	   &unpsp_sendspace, 0, "Default seqpacket send space.");
 SYSCTL_ULONG(_net_local_seqpacket, OID_AUTO, recvspace, CTLFLAG_RW,
 	   &unpsp_recvspace, 0, "Default seqpacket receive space.");
-SYSCTL_INT(_net_local, OID_AUTO, inflight, CTLFLAG_RD, &unp_rights, 0, 
+SYSCTL_INT(_net_local, OID_AUTO, inflight, CTLFLAG_RD, &unp_rights, 0,
     "File descriptors in flight.");
 SYSCTL_INT(_net_local, OID_AUTO, deferred, CTLFLAG_RD,
-    &unp_defers_count, 0, 
+    &unp_defers_count, 0,
     "File descriptors deferred to taskqueue for close.");

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