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Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Thu Dec 2 14:45:39 UTC 2010

Quoting Ulrich Spoerlein <uqs at> (from Thu, 2 Dec 2010  
10:46:05 +0000 (UTC)):

> Author: uqs
> Date: Thu Dec  2 10:46:05 2010
> New Revision: 216119
> URL:
> Log:
>   Remove more duplicates.
>   Just so that I can lookup the command for the next time:

Can you please add it to instead, with a comment what it does?

>   for t in `make -V TARGETS universe`; do
>     __MAKE_CONF=/dev/null make -f Makefile.inc1 -m $PWD/share/mk TARGET=$t \
>     -V OLD_FILES -V OLD_LIBS -V OLD_DIRS delete-old | \
>     xargs -n1|sort|uniq -c|egrep -v "^ *1 ";
>   done

While it does not matter for "-V OLD*", the spirit of the command is  
more like the check-old target (which is including shared libs) than  
the delete-old target (which does not delete shared libs but only  
static libs). Using check-old would also remove the (wrong, but not  
far fetched) fear of actually deleting something with this command.


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