svn commit: r211758 - head

Warner Losh imp at
Tue Aug 24 16:29:09 UTC 2010

Author: imp
Date: Tue Aug 24 16:29:09 2010
New Revision: 211758

  The order was correct before.  I'd talked to Nathan about this before,
  so this must have been mismerged into tbemd before I merged it back to
  head.  This unbreaks this on powerpc64
  Submitted by:	nathanw@


Modified: head/Makefile.inc1
--- head/Makefile.inc1	Tue Aug 24 16:11:12 2010	(r211757)
+++ head/Makefile.inc1	Tue Aug 24 16:29:09 2010	(r211758)
@@ -1131,12 +1131,10 @@ _prereq_libs= gnu/lib/libssp/libssp_nons
 # all shared libraries for ELF.
 _startup_libs=	gnu/lib/csu
-.if exists(${.CURDIR}/lib/csu/${MACHINE_CPUARCH}-elf)
-_startup_libs+=	lib/csu/${MACHINE_CPUARCH}-elf
+.if exists(${.CURDIR}/lib/csu/${MACHINE_ARCH}-elf)
+_startup_libs+=	lib/csu/${MACHINE_ARCH}-elf
 .elif exists(${.CURDIR}/lib/csu/${MACHINE_CPUARCH}-elf)
 _startup_libs+=	lib/csu/${MACHINE_CPUARCH}-elf
-.elif exists(${.CURDIR}/lib/csu/${MACHINE_ARCH})
-_startup_libs+=	lib/csu/${MACHINE_ARCH}
 _startup_libs+=	lib/csu/${MACHINE_CPUARCH}

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