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Gabor Kovesdan gabor at
Mon Aug 23 10:31:36 UTC 2010

  Em 2010.08.23. 12:12, Brian Somers escreveu:
> Is this a permanent switch or is there a list of issues to be resolved before switching
> back to the BSD grep?
I maintain my TODO list, which currently has the following items:
- fix context grepping bug
- fix loop on reading drectories on ZFS/NFS
- print out warning and exit if writing to stdin fails
- track down and fix -wq bug
- support and install bz*grep binaries
- performance issue: avoid copying strings everywhere where possible
- performance issue: only check line boundaries on match
- performance issue: compare various fixed string algorithms for fgrep

Some of these are quite easy and the performance is much better now but 
some people objected so strongly that I decided to stop fighting and 
change back. I'll work these out and then we'll reevaluate if we can use 
BSD grep as default. I'll try to get them solved asap but I'll move to 
another country soon and given that I as forced to change it back 
without having some more time to arrange them, I don't like to be 
stressed any more so I'll concentrate on my move and calm settlement in 
Portugal, first.


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