svn commit: r211318 - head/usr.sbin/sysinstall

Alexey Dokuchaev danfe at
Wed Aug 18 19:30:13 UTC 2010

On Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 11:01:49AM +0200, Dag-Erling Sm??rgrav wrote:
> Alexey Dokuchaev <danfe at> writes:
> > Jens Schweikhardt <schweikh at> writes:
> > > Log:
> > >   Correctly spell janice and jimmy as janis and jimi (assuming
> > >   the famous rock stars meant were Miss Joplin and Mr Hendrix.)
> > Are you sure this is correct message for the commit, or I am simply
> > missing the irony?
> Look at the very end of the patch.

Actually, I did; but the last hunk is just a whitespace change,
irrelevant to the commit message (just as most of the other hunks).
No wonder I missed the hunk before the last one.


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