svn commit: r211325 - head/usr.sbin/config

Warner Losh imp at
Sun Aug 15 08:44:33 UTC 2010

Author: imp
Date: Sun Aug 15 08:44:32 2010
New Revision: 211325

  Turns out that it is a bad idea to have a missing compat option be a
  fatal condition.  While it works out really well for diagnosing the
  case where you want it, but don't have it, it works really badly for
  the case where you don't have it and don't want it.  Remove the printf
  and exit pair.  Replate it with simple return to silently ignore this
  This is needed to fix the COMPAT_IA32 being required in options.* in
  stable, but we need to run this change through -current first...
  MFC after:	3 days


Modified: head/usr.sbin/config/mkoptions.c
--- head/usr.sbin/config/mkoptions.c	Sun Aug 15 08:38:48 2010	(r211324)
+++ head/usr.sbin/config/mkoptions.c	Sun Aug 15 08:44:32 2010	(r211325)
@@ -351,9 +351,11 @@ update_option(const char *this, char *va
-	fprintf(stderr, "Compat option %s not listed in options file.\n",
-	    this);
-	exit(1);
+	/*
+	 * Option not found, but that's OK, we just ignore it since it
+	 * may be for another arch.
+	 */
+	return;
 static int

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