svn commit: r211104 - head/sys/dev/usb

Gavin Atkinson gavin at
Mon Aug 9 17:27:27 UTC 2010

Author: gavin
Date: Mon Aug  9 17:27:27 2010
New Revision: 211104

  Add entries for some devices I have locally.


Modified: head/sys/dev/usb/usbdevs
--- head/sys/dev/usb/usbdevs	Mon Aug  9 17:22:14 2010	(r211103)
+++ head/sys/dev/usb/usbdevs	Mon Aug  9 17:27:27 2010	(r211104)
@@ -666,6 +666,7 @@ vendor ALINK		0x1e0e  Alink
 vendor AIRTIES		0x1eda	AirTies
 vendor DLINK		0x2001	D-Link
 vendor PLANEX2		0x2019	Planex Communications
+vendor HAUPPAUGE2	0x2040	Hauppauge Computer Works
 vendor TLAYTECH		0x20b9	Tlay Tech
 vendor ENCORE		0x203d	Encore
 vendor PARA		0x20b8	PARA Industrial
@@ -971,6 +972,8 @@ product AOX USB101		0x0008	Ethernet
 product APC UPS			0x0002	Uninterruptible Power Supply
 /* Apple Computer products */
+product APPLE IMAC_KBD		0x0201	USB iMac Keyboard
+product APPLE KBD		0x0202	USB Keyboard M2452
 product APPLE EXT_KBD		0x020c	Apple Extended USB Keyboard
 product APPLE KBD_TP_ANSI	0x0223	Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (Wellspring/ANSI)
 product APPLE KBD_TP_ISO	0x0224	Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (Wellspring/ISO)
@@ -978,8 +981,10 @@ product APPLE KBD_TP_JIS	0x0225	Apple In
 product APPLE KBD_TP_ANSI2	0x0230	Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (Wellspring2/ANSI)
 product APPLE KBD_TP_ISO2	0x0231	Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (Wellspring2/ISO)
 product APPLE KBD_TP_JIS2	0x0232	Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (Wellspring2/JIS)
+product APPLE MOUSE		0x0301	Mouse M4848
 product APPLE OPTMOUSE		0x0302	Optical mouse
 product APPLE MIGHTYMOUSE	0x0304	Mighty Mouse
+product APPLE KBD_HUB		0x1001	Hub in Apple USB Keyboard
 product APPLE EXT_KBD_HUB	0x1003	Hub in Apple Extended USB Keyboard
 product APPLE SPEAKERS		0x1101	Speakers
 product APPLE IPOD		0x1201	iPod
@@ -993,7 +998,11 @@ product APPLE IPOD_08		0x1208	iPod '08'
 product APPLE IPODVIDEO		0x1209	iPod Video
 product APPLE IPODNANO		0x120a	iPod Nano
 product APPLE IPHONE		0x1290	iPhone
+product APPLE IPOD_TOUCH	0x1291	iPod Touch
 product APPLE IPHONE_3G		0x1292	iPhone 3G
+product APPLE IPHONE_3GS	0x1294	iPhone 3GS
+product APPLE IPHONE_4		0x1297	iPhone 4
+product APPLE IPAD		0x129a	iPad
 product APPLE ETHERNET		0x1402	Ethernet A1277
 /* Arkmicro Technologies */
@@ -1059,6 +1068,9 @@ product ATMEL BW002		0x7605	BW002 Wirele
 product ATMEL WL1130USB		0x7613	WL-1130 USB
 product ATMEL AT76C505A		0x7614	AT76c505a Wireless Adapter
+/* AuthenTec products */
+product AUTHENTEC AES1610	0x1600	AES1610 Fingerprint Sensor
 /* Avision products */
 product AVISION 1200U		0x0268	1200U scanner
@@ -1125,6 +1137,7 @@ product BROTHER HL1050		0x0002	HL-1050 l
 product BROTHER MFC8600_9650	0x0100	MFC8600/9650 multifunction device
 /* Behavior Technology Computer products */
+product BTC BTC6100		0x5550	6100C Keyboard
 product BTC BTC7932		0x6782	Keyboard with mouse port
 /* Canon, Inc. products */
@@ -1169,6 +1182,7 @@ product CHIC CYPRESS		0x0003	Cypress USB
 /* Chicony products */
 product CHICONY KB8933		0x0001	KB-8933 keyboard
+product CHICONY KU0325		0x0116	KU-0325 keyboard
 product CHICONY CNF7129		0xb071	Notebook Web Camera
 product CHICONY2 TWINKLECAM	0x600d	TwinkleCam USB camera
@@ -1668,6 +1682,7 @@ product HANDSPRING TREO600	0x0300	Handsp
 /* Hauppauge Computer Works */
+product HAUPPAUGE2 NOVAT500	0x9580	NovaT 500Stick
 /* Hawking Technologies products */
 product HAWKING RT2870_1	0x0001	RT2870
@@ -1739,6 +1754,9 @@ product HTC WINMOBILE		0x00ce	HTC USB Sy
 product HTC PPC6700MODEM	0x00cf	PPC6700 Modem
 product HTC SMARTPHONE		0x0a51	SmartPhone USB Sync
 product HTC WIZARD		0x0bce	HTC Wizard USB Sync
+product HTC LEGENDSYNC		0x0c97	HTC Legend USB Sync
+product HTC LEGEND		0x0ff9	HTC Legend
+product HTC LEGENDINTERNET	0x0ffe	HTC Legend Internet Sharing
 /* HUAWEI products */
 product HUAWEI MOBILE		0x1001	Huawei Mobile
@@ -2123,6 +2141,8 @@ product MICROSOFT INETPRO	0x001c	Interne
 product MICROSOFT TBEXPLORER	0x0024	Trackball Explorer
 product MICROSOFT INTELLIEYE	0x0025	IntelliEye mouse
 product MICROSOFT INETPRO2	0x002b	Internet Keyboard Pro
+product MICROSOFT INTELLIMOUSE5	0x0039	IntelliMouse 1.1 5-Button Mouse
+product MICROSOFT WHEELMOUSE	0x0040	Wheel Mouse Optical
 product MICROSOFT MN510		0x006e	MN510 Wireless
 product MICROSOFT MN110		0x007a	10/100 USB NIC
 product MICROSOFT WLINTELLIMOUSE 0x008c	Wireless Optical IntelliMouse
@@ -2301,6 +2321,10 @@ product NOVATEL2 FLEXPACKGPS	0x0100	NovA
 /* Merlin products */
 product	MERLIN V620		0x1110	Merlin V620
+/* O2Micro products */
+product O2MICRO OZ776_HUB	0x7761	OZ776 hub
+product O2MICRO OZ776_CCID_SC	0x7772	OZ776 CCID SC Reader
 /* Olympus products */
 product OLYMPUS C1		0x0102	C-1 Digital Camera
 product OLYMPUS C700		0x0105	C-700 Ultra Zoom
@@ -2488,6 +2512,7 @@ product PRIMAX G2E600		0x0383	G2E-600 sc
 product PRIMAX COMFORT		0x4d01	Comfort
 product PRIMAX MOUSEINABOX	0x4d02	Mouse-in-a-Box
 product PRIMAX PCGAUMS1		0x4d04	Sony PCGA-UMS1
+product PRIMAX HP_RH304AA	0x4d17	HP RH304AA mouse
 /* Prolific products */
 product PROLIFIC PL2301		0x0000	PL2301 Host-Host interface

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