svn commit: r210975 - head/usr.sbin/jail

Jamie Gritton jamie at
Fri Aug 6 22:06:12 UTC 2010

Author: jamie
Date: Fri Aug  6 22:06:12 2010
New Revision: 210975

  Note that a jail without a command parameter will be persistent,
  instead of explicitly requiring one of "command" or "persist".
  MFC after:	3 days


Modified: head/usr.sbin/jail/jail.8
--- head/usr.sbin/jail/jail.8	Fri Aug  6 22:04:18 2010	(r210974)
+++ head/usr.sbin/jail/jail.8	Fri Aug  6 22:06:12 2010	(r210975)
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
 .\" $FreeBSD$
-.Dd January 17, 2010
+.Dd August 6, 2010
 .Dt JAIL 8
@@ -333,11 +333,11 @@ where the jail's chroot directory is loc
 Setting this boolean parameter allows a jail to exist without any
 Normally, a jail is destroyed as its last process exits.
-A new jail must have either the
-.Va persist
-parameter or
+A new jail created without processes (i.e. the
 .Va command
-pseudo-parameter set.
+pseudo-parameter) will automatically have
+.Va persist
 .It Va
 The ID of the cpuset associated with this jail (read-only).
 .It Va dying

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