svn commit: r210765 - in head/lib/libc: locale stdlib

Ulrich Spoerlein uqs at
Mon Aug 2 13:11:43 UTC 2010

Author: uqs
Date: Mon Aug  2 13:11:41 2010
New Revision: 210765

  mdoc: remove unbalanced quotes


Modified: head/lib/libc/locale/setlocale.3
--- head/lib/libc/locale/setlocale.3	Mon Aug  2 13:11:35 2010	(r210764)
+++ head/lib/libc/locale/setlocale.3	Mon Aug  2 13:11:41 2010	(r210765)
@@ -103,11 +103,11 @@ function.
 Only three locales are defined by default,
 the empty string
-.Li "\&""\|""
+.Li \&"\|"
 which denotes the native environment, and the
-.Li "\&""C""
+.Li \&"C"
-.Li "\&""POSIX""
+.Li \&"POSIX"
 locales, which denote the C language environment.
 .Fa locale
@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ causes
 .Fn setlocale
 to return the current locale.
 By default, C programs start in the
-.Li "\&""C""
+.Li \&"C"
 The only function in the library that sets the locale is
 .Fn setlocale ;

Modified: head/lib/libc/stdlib/getopt.3
--- head/lib/libc/stdlib/getopt.3	Mon Aug  2 13:11:35 2010	(r210764)
+++ head/lib/libc/stdlib/getopt.3	Mon Aug  2 13:11:41 2010	(r210765)
@@ -66,11 +66,11 @@ may contain the following elements: indi
 characters followed by a colon to indicate an option argument
 is to follow.
 For example, an option string
-.Li "\&""x""
+.Li \&"x"
 recognizes an option
 .Dq Fl x ,
 and an option string
-.Li "\&""x:""
+.Li \&"x:"
 recognizes an option and argument
 .Dq Fl x Ar argument .
 It does not matter to

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