svn commit: r198469 - head

Rui Paulo rpaulo at
Sun Oct 25 10:29:37 UTC 2009

Author: rpaulo
Date: Sun Oct 25 10:29:37 2009
New Revision: 198469

  Explain that iwn was updated and the firmware images are now split.


Modified: head/UPDATING
--- head/UPDATING	Sun Oct 25 10:23:11 2009	(r198468)
+++ head/UPDATING	Sun Oct 25 10:29:37 2009	(r198469)
@@ -22,6 +22,14 @@ NOTE TO PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT FreeBSD 9.
 	machines to maximize performance.  (To disable malloc debugging, run
 	ln -s aj /etc/malloc.conf.)
+	The iwn(4) driver has been updated to support the 5000 and 5150 series.
+	There's one kernel module for each firmware. Adding "device iwnfw"
+	to the kernel configuration file means including all three firmware
+	images inside the kernel. If you want to include just the one for
+	your wireless card, use the the devices iwn4965fw, iwn5000fw or
+	iwn5150fw.
 	The rc.d/network_ipv6, IPv6 configuration script has been integrated
 	into rc.d/netif.  The changes are the following:

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