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Rui Paulo rpaulo at
Sun May 31 23:32:39 UTC 2009

Including Hans on the list.

On 30 May 2009, at 22:18, Rui Paulo wrote:

> On 27 May 2009, at 20:27, Andrew Thompson wrote:
>> Author: thompsa
>> Date: Wed May 27 19:27:29 2009
>> New Revision: 192925
>> URL:
>> Log:
>> Add support for the Apple MacBook Pro keyboard
>> - add key mappings for fn keys
>> - byte swapping for certain models
>> - Fix leds for keyboards which require an ID byte for the HID  
>> output structures
>> Submitted by:	Hans Petter Selasky
> Oh, very nice! I've failed to do this with the old usb stack.
> This should work on a macbook too, right?
> The eject key was easily handled on user space (at least with the  
> old usb stack). Why is it being handled in kernel now?

Here's how it worked:

If there's any problem with the userland approach, I would like to know.
If there isn't, please consider removing the kenrel support for the  
eject key.

I'm assuming this can be done on the new USB stack too (likely).

Rui Paulo

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