svn commit: r193065 - head/usr.sbin/jail

Jamie Gritton jamie at
Fri May 29 21:17:22 UTC 2009

Author: jamie
Date: Fri May 29 21:17:22 2009
New Revision: 193065

  Fix some inaccuracies in the extensible parameter addition.
  Approved by:	bz (mentor)


Modified: head/usr.sbin/jail/jail.8
--- head/usr.sbin/jail/jail.8	Fri May 29 20:45:42 2009	(r193064)
+++ head/usr.sbin/jail/jail.8	Fri May 29 21:17:22 2009	(r193065)
@@ -201,7 +201,7 @@ parameters aren't in this list, this mod
 .Fl c
-.Fl o
+.Fl m
 options don't apply (and must not exist).
 Jails have a set a core parameters, and modules can add their own jail
@@ -298,7 +298,7 @@ A new jail must have either the
 parameter or
 .Va command
 pseudo-parameter set.
-.It Va cpuset
+.It Va
 The ID of the cpuset associated with this jail (read-only).
 .It Va dying
 This is true if the jail is in the process of shutting down (read-only).

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