svn commit: r192934 - head/usr.sbin/mountd

Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at
Thu May 28 19:44:03 UTC 2009

On 2009-May-27 22:02:54 +0000, Rick Macklem <rmacklem at> wrote:
>  Modify mountd to handle the experimental nfs server as well as the
>  regular one. It now takes a "-4" command line argument to force it
>  to use the experimental server.

I also feel that '-4' is likely to lead to confusion as to whether the
option refers to NFSv4 or IPv4.

How about implementing a '-V n', where 'n' indicates the NFS version
(with '-2' redefined as a deprecated equivalent to '-V 2').  This
leaves '-v' for possible future used as some sort of verbose flag and
both allows explicit specification of NFSv3 (presumably the default
will change from NFSv3 to NFSv4 at some point - by which time we need
a way to request NFSv3) as well as possible future NFS versions (NFSv5

Peter Jeremy
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