Review: fail(9) style/grammar (was Re: svn commit: r192908 ...)

Zachary Loafman zml at
Thu May 28 01:47:47 UTC 2009

On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 10:05:44AM -0700, Ben Kaduk wrote:
> Our man page style says that new sentences should start on new lines.
> (Since the '.' character is used for defining macros, and sometimes
> the processor can get confused.)

Ben -

Thanks for the pedantry! I've attached a patch that should address your
issues. (Doug, please review as mentor when you get a chance.)

This is my first man page, so I apologize for the style violations. I
fixed all the new sentence instances I could find, but I left the "e.g."
and "i.e." instances untouched. That seems like it would suffer from the
same issue, but I left them alone for now.

Is there a style(9) equivalent for man pages? I hunted for a bit, but
"man -k style" returned only style(9) and style.Makefile(9).

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