svn commit: r192385 - head/share/man/man4

Sam Leffler sam at
Tue May 19 14:51:48 UTC 2009

Author: sam
Date: Tue May 19 14:51:48 2009
New Revision: 192385

  AH_SUPPORT_TDMA is gone; ath now honors IEEE80211_SUPPORT_TDMA
  Noticed by:	Jon Loeliger <jdl at>


Modified: head/share/man/man4/ath.4
--- head/share/man/man4/ath.4	Tue May 19 14:46:41 2009	(r192384)
+++ head/share/man/man4/ath.4	Tue May 19 14:51:48 2009	(r192385)
@@ -126,10 +126,8 @@ interfaces to construct a wireless repea
 The driver also support
 .Cm tdma
 operation when compiled with
-.Cd "options AH_SUPPORT_TDMA"
-(and the wlan module is built with
 .Cd "options IEEE80211_SUPPORT_TDMA"
-to enable the associated 802.11 support).
+(which also enables the required 802.11 support).
 For more information on configuring this device, see
 .Xr ifconfig 8 .

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