svn commit: r192089 - head/etc/defaults

Craig Rodrigues rodrigc at
Thu May 14 08:26:20 UTC 2009

Author: rodrigc
Date: Thu May 14 08:26:20 2009
New Revision: 192089

  Set crashinfo_enable to "YES" by default.
  During bootup, if /etc/rc.d/savecore detects a core dump file
  on the dump device, the core file will be saved, and the crashinfo
  script will be run to generate a human-readable report.
  This will make it easier for end-users to provide feedback to
  developers about kernel crashes.
  Reviewed by:	jhb


Modified: head/etc/defaults/rc.conf
--- head/etc/defaults/rc.conf	Thu May 14 07:32:33 2009	(r192088)
+++ head/etc/defaults/rc.conf	Thu May 14 08:26:20 2009	(r192089)
@@ -543,7 +543,7 @@ chkprintcap_flags="-d"	# Create missing 
 dumpdev="AUTO"		# Device to crashdump to (device name, AUTO, or NO).
 dumpdir="/var/crash"	# Directory where crash dumps are to be stored
 savecore_flags=""	# Used if dumpdev is enabled above, and present.
-crashinfo_enable="NO"	# Automatically generate crash dump summary.
+crashinfo_enable="YES"	# Automatically generate crash dump summary.
 crashinfo_program="/usr/sbin/crashinfo"	# Script to generate crash dump summary.
 quota_enable="NO"	# turn on quotas on startup (or NO).
 check_quotas="YES"	# Check quotas on startup (or NO).

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