svn commit: r192006 - head/sys/dev/usb

Weongyo Jeong weongyo at
Tue May 12 02:05:43 UTC 2009

Author: weongyo
Date: Tue May 12 02:05:42 2009
New Revision: 192006

  Add WUSB54AG and XM142 entries for upgt(4)


Modified: head/sys/dev/usb/usbdevs
--- head/sys/dev/usb/usbdevs	Tue May 12 01:00:30 2009	(r192005)
+++ head/sys/dev/usb/usbdevs	Tue May 12 02:05:42 2009	(r192006)
@@ -1023,6 +1023,7 @@ product CHPRODUCTS FIGHTERSTICK 0x00f3	F
 product CHPRODUCTS FLIGHTYOKE	0x00ff	Flight Sim Yoke
 /* Cisco-Linksys products */
+product CISCOLINKSYS WUSB54AG	0x000c	WUSB54AG Wireless Adapter
 product CISCOLINKSYS WUSB54G	0x000d	WUSB54G Wireless Adapter
 product CISCOLINKSYS WUSB54GP	0x0011	WUSB54GP Wireless Adapter
 product CISCOLINKSYS USB200MV2	0x0018	USB200M v2
@@ -2516,6 +2517,7 @@ product ZCOM XG703A		0x0008	PrismGT USB 
 product ZCOM ZD1211		0x0011	ZD1211
 product ZCOM AR5523		0x0012	AR5523
 product ZCOM AR5523_NF		0x0013	AR5523 driver (no firmware)
+product ZCOM XM142		0x0015	XM-142
 product ZCOM ZD1211B		0x001a	ZD1211B
 /* Zinwell products */

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